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Netboot ms-dos7

I am 'trying' to get netboot to work with ms-dos7 (win 98), but seem to be
having memory problems.

Once tftp has completed download of floppy,

If msdos.sys has the option 

Then I get through config.sys and into autoexec.bat, where it loads the
netware client, once the vlm loads, it attaches to the netware server, then
hangs for 3 mins and reboots.

If LoadTop=0, it hangs at starting "starting windows 98 ...."

My config.sys is 
Device=himem.sys /testmem:off

I have tried devicehigh options and using int15 options on himem.sys and
mknbi-dos, but can't seem to get any further than hanging on the vlm.

My nic is a 3com pcmcia 3c575b and I'm using ndis driver

Any ideas appreciated.


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