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Re: using PXE to boot netboot?

On Mon, Feb 09, 2004 at 10:55:26PM +0100, Thomas M?rch wrote:
> Hi
>  I have been away from the netbooting area for a couple of years now,
>  and lot of things seem to have happened. Back then I used netboot on
>  a self constructed flash card, with an old isa slot nic.
> Now I have a couple of pxe compliant computers, that I would like to
> boot, present a nice bootmenu (like netboots mknbi-mgl) and finaly
> either boot from the local harddisk, or a dos image from the network
> for restoring the machines using ghost.
> So the question is, if it's possible to use PXE to boot netboot on the
> machines? Or is there other packages that enables the same features to
> make a menu system (with mknbi-mgl) as netboot?

The sole purpose of PXE is to enable network boot.

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