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Re: Regarding net boot... Please help


On Thu, 25 Dec 2003 03:14:54 +0100, Venkata Prasad Chirreddy (cvprasad)
> In that case, I had to get the required NIC driver and
> PROTOCOL.INI file required by it. I downloaded the 3c90b-TX driver
> (3c90x2.exe from 3com website) and put it in the required directory. 
> 8.	then when I ran the s/w, it said "the DOS program reqires too much
> memory and aborted the process"

Well, you downloaded an archive file from the 3Com web site. This file
3c90x2.exe is a self-extracting packed ZIP file which has to get unpacked
first. If you have DOS, just run this exe file under DOS, and it will
extract all files. If you don't have DOS, you can use the unzip program
which comes with most (if not all) Linux distributions. This unzip program
is able to unpack self-extracting archives as well.
Once you extracted all files from the archive you will find a file called
el90x.dos in some subdirectory which is the NDIS2 driver you need. Alter-
natively, you can also use the file which is a DOS packet
driver and which is also contained within this archive. It also works with
netboot, but is a little bit buggy, so you should better use the NDIS2
I'm using a couple of 3C905B and 3C905C with these drivers without problem.


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