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Re: Regarding net boot... Please help

On Wed, Dec 24, 2003 at 09:06:33AM +0530, Venkata Prasad Chirreddy (cvprasad) wrote:
> Hi ,
> First of all, the hardware of the diskless workstation given to us is a
> Intel P2 processor on a HP vectra motherboard and 3com NIC card whose model
> number is 3c905B-TX. BIOS used is Amibios. 
> The OS on the server is Red Hat Linux 7.01. 

1.  Does your 3c905B support PXE?  I have 3c905C and they do, but not
sure about B models.

2.  If PXE is supported, then locate file 'pxelinux.0' on your system,
	locate pxelinux.0
	find / -type f -name 'pxelinux.0'
    will do.  It comes as part of SYSLINUX package.

If yes to both, then problem solved.

William Park, Open Geometry Consulting, <>
Linux solution for data management and processing. 
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