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Re: cnet pro 110b problem / 3com905c problem


On Sun, 02 Nov 2003 22:38:19 +0100, Roland Stiebel wrote:
> The netboot-part worked fine, but when the kernel tried to configure the
> vortex-driver it hangs with a "to much work on Interrupt" error message.
> Then I have to RESET the client!
> I tried to manual override the interrupt from 5 to 11, no success.
> I had the same problem using modules AND build in support for the vortex.
> Using syslinux works fine with the 3com905.
> It looks to me like a "bug" in the packet driver which blocks the card from
> freeing and reusing the interrupt.

What Linux kernel, netboot and packet driver versions are you using?
I mostly have 3C905C on my private network, and all work fine. Also, I
can't find the error message you are reporting in the kernel source of
the Vortex network driver. Could you please provide the _exact_ error

> I got myself a cnet pro 110b packet driver and built the kernel with the
> tulip-driver.
> Now I got a strange behavior:
> netboot starts and I got the dhcp-Message. But then the client waits between
> 5 an 30 seconds
> before printing the "ok" and loading the tftp-image. While loading the
> tftp-image the client
> stops working for 5-30 seconds sometimes. After running the kernel
> everything works fine.
> The server reports only a single dhcp-request at that very moment the client
> prints the "ok"

Hmmm, again, what version of netboot are you using? I really thought of
having fixed this problem.


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