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Re: strange NFS behaviour w/ diskless X terminal


I think you need to add 'nolock' to your list of parameters.

Otherwise, the client will try to contact a lockd, by querying
the local portmapper, which isn't really there.  Eventually,
it times out, and continues.

Jim McQuillan

On Sat, 19 Oct 2002, Harald Milz wrote:

> Hi,
> I recycled an embedded board with a Cyrix GXm CPU for a diskless X
> terminal. Had to build an etherboot image for the RTL8139 card and patch it
> into the BIOS because the original BIOS only supports Netware boot. So
> what. 
> Now the /usr filesystem is mounted from my file server (mainly for the X
> server). When the start script (there is only one, for speed reasons) tries
> to mount /usr like
> mount -t nfs -o ro,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,hard,intr /usr
> it takes about 5 minutes until the mount command returns. In my server's
> syslog, /usr appears to have been mounted by the client immediately. 
> After a while, an error message comes up on the client
> portmap: server localhost not responding, timed out. 
> There is no portmap running on the client (why should it)... 
> The kernel gets all its data from the DHCP server via autoconfig (even the
> root dir which is mounted via NFS too) 
> rsize, wsize aren't the problem. Same happens without these options. 
> What am I doing wrong? Ah yes, the NFSd is the userspace daemon. I also
> tried knfsd for NFS3 over TCP but that didn't work. Gave up very soon. 


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