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strange NFS behaviour w/ diskless X terminal


I recycled an embedded board with a Cyrix GXm CPU for a diskless X
terminal. Had to build an etherboot image for the RTL8139 card and patch it
into the BIOS because the original BIOS only supports Netware boot. So

Now the /usr filesystem is mounted from my file server (mainly for the X
server). When the start script (there is only one, for speed reasons) tries
to mount /usr like

mount -t nfs -o ro,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,hard,intr /usr

it takes about 5 minutes until the mount command returns. In my server's
syslog, /usr appears to have been mounted by the client immediately. 

After a while, an error message comes up on the client

portmap: server localhost not responding, timed out. 

There is no portmap running on the client (why should it)... 

The kernel gets all its data from the DHCP server via autoconfig (even the
root dir which is mounted via NFS too) 

rsize, wsize aren't the problem. Same happens without these options. 

What am I doing wrong? Ah yes, the NFSd is the userspace daemon. I also
tried knfsd for NFS3 over TCP but that didn't work. Gave up very soon. 

Bugs, pl. n.:
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living girls.
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