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Re: PXE error

Am Mittwoch, 16. Oktober 2002 19:48 schrieben Sie:
Hi Keith !

I know that this is true.
But my network card offers a slot for a boot rom but don't actually has one.
My computer's bios don't offer netboot settings.
I also tried to use donald beckers diag tools.
It shows that my rtl8139 card doesn't have boot rom functionality.
I tested 10 cards with the boot image i created and the error occurs on all 
tested workstatios.

I am not clear what happens at boot time.
I try to inspect with debugging but any solution which can help me for 
completing the task is appreciated.

Thx. in advance


> If you are using a floppy disk as boot ROM you should not get a PXE
> error unless PXE boot is enabled.
> Either use PXE boot or disk/boot ROM, not both.
> Keith
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