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Is it possible to run image from MS-DOS file

Hello folx,

I am new to this list, read quite some mails but still don't know if it
is possible to download Linux image from linux server to MS-DOS diskless
client who acts like client with disk (it uses memory instead of disk)
over network (100 MBit LAN). So if I rephrase the situation:
I have server on Linux and on the other side diskless client who acts
like a client with disk with MS-DOS OS on it.
The client starts, after BIOS checking standard things (PC pentium
machine) loads MS-DOS OS, then I would like to run executable file from
autexec.bat (e.g. with parameters - ip of a server, network
card in use (&something more if necessary). 
Then client downloads image from Linux server and boot's (loads) it on

I hope it's clear enough if not glad to give some clarifications.

thank you for answers,
Janez Kostanjsek
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