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RE: Netbooting PPC boards?

Thanks for the answer, but I don't really understand why the platform should
The BOOTP protocol is supposedly not platform specific, which is why I
attempted to use it anyway, hoping that the mentioning of i386 was just to
cover oneself.

Why is the test for that magic number necessary and what is it used for?

Thank you very much,


Gero Kuhlmann [] on Sunday, July 14, 2002 4:02 PM

Hello, ("Peter Leif Rasmussen (PLR)") wrote in 

> I downloaded and read about using netboot ("mknbi-linux Version 0.9.4
> (netboot)") attempting to boot up some PPC based boards running Motorola
> HALinux from a Linux workstation running RH7.3.
> [...]
> mknbi-linux: could not find magic number in kernel boot sector

As it says in the netboot documentation, netboot is intended to
boot i386-based computers. You can't use it to boot PPC systems.
mknbi-linux looks for a signature string only found in an i386
Linux kernel, and refuses to use anything else.

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