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Mounting Root on NFS problem (kernel 2.4.18)


I'm new to this mailing list, so please excuse me if this question has been
asked before.  Is there a searchable archive of the mailing list?

Anyway, I've had success in booting a diskless client via DHCP using
kernel 2.2.14 patched with nfs-swap and supermount, and root mounted on NFS
for the client side.

But, when upgrading to kernel 2.4.18 and configuring the kernel for diskless
booting the same way as before, a problem appeared while booting complaining
that it couldn't mount root on NFS since no NFS server was available, and it
gave up immediately asking to insert a floppy as an alternative mount point.

But NFS server is available since switching to kernel 2.2.14 the booting up
works immediately without any changes done to the boot server.  Is there
something that I missed or is it a known and already solved problem with
kernel 2.4.18 ?



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