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Re: Mounting Root on NFS problem (kernel 2.4.18)

Hello, (Mohd-Hanafiah Abdullah) wrote in"> 
> But, when upgrading to kernel 2.4.18 and configuring the kernel for
> diskless booting the same way as before, a problem appeared while
> booting complaining that it couldn't mount root on NFS since no NFS
> server was available, and it gave up immediately asking to insert a
> floppy as an alternative mount point. 

That's a known bug in netboot and it will be fixed in the next
version. Until then, you can use the -d option to mknbi-linux
as follows:

mknbi-linux -d <server-ip>:<root-path> [... other options ...]

for example, if your NFS server has address and the
root path for the client is /tftpboot/client-root, then use:

mknbi-linux -d "" [...other options...] 

The next netboot version will be able to determine the version of
the Linux kernel and adjust the kernel command line parameters

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