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Stop after tftp. Please, help me.


first of all, sorry for my english.

I have a problem with my netboot process.

The system:

* Intel P850
* No HD disc.
* 256 Mb RAM
* Dual Intel pro/100 (82559).
* Netboot 0.9.3
* At the moment, floppy rom boot, with "older than 386" flag, in order 
to make it work (if not, the boot process reported "error loading: data").
* Award BIOS.

The story:

* After a few problems (bootp configuration, netboot compilation, 
bootrom re-compilation with a patch in "packet.S" source, etc) the 
things works fine, EXCEPT when boot process finish to load kernel image. 
It count the whole file blocks, and after that, nothing happens. There 
is no boot of any kernel.

sometimes an "o" appears after the number of 512 block loaded:    
Loading /tftpboot/ata.krn: block size 512
Block 873 o

sometimes not:
Loading /tftpboot/ata.krn: block size 512
Block 873

Please, tell me something.

Thanks in advance.


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