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RE: bootrom image for the RTL8139 chip

From:	MX%"" 24-APR-2002 21:03:26.73

> hi.. i'm newbie in this NETBOOT project, and i've got some
> several problems with my netwok card, well, with several
> cards, not only one..

> but the one which i'm interested to work with is the
> RTL8139, a recently bought card, that supports, in theory,
> NE2000 linux drivers, as a compatible card.. 

No. RTL8029 is PCI NE2000 clone, RTL8139 is different
and needs its own drivers.

> THEN, i ask to the list...
> 1. is there any available bootrom image for this RTL8139,
>    different form the NE2000 module.. 

It can be created easily, if you have packet driver for it.

> 2. and if there is, can the 'image.flo' file, created by
> anyone, be used to run my target, or should i generate it
> with the NETBOOT tools (make bootrom, mknbi-linux, .. or

You can use anyone's 'image.flo'; you need use mknbi-linux
to make image which is to be downloaded by bootrom to your
computer, the former image contains kernel.

> 3. if this 'image.flo' can be shared, created by anyone,
> and so, i can use it.. can anyone tell me where i can find

Try, it can make Etherboot bootrom
image for many cards, including RTL8139.

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