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bootrom image for the RTL8139 chip

hi.. i'm newbie in this NETBOOT project, and i've got some
several problems with my netwok card, well, with several
cards, not only one..

but the one which i'm interested to work with is the
RTL8139, a recently bought card, that supports, in theory,
NE2000 linux drivers, as a compatible card.. 
but i'm trying to run the NETBOOT with the bootrom
associated to NE2000, and NETBOOT replies me..

Warning : Unknown PCI device (10ec:8139). 
Please read  include/linux/pci.h
no Ethernet adaptors found!
Backtrace: fp=13fca8 0011d45f 00100830 0010191f

the only ideas that came to me were.. 
- the IRQ assigned to the NE2000 compatible cards is
preassigned, and is different that the one that my network
card works with.. so i tried to change it, from the
original IRQ-9 to IRQ-5.. but it didnt work too

- the memory addres in the bootrom is preassigned too, and
different to the address that the card uses

- the obvious one, that it's not compatible with NE2000
module, and it works with an own bootroom image.. and then
i found this web, for mandrake, where the netboot tools are
disposable for several cards, including rtl8139

THEN, i ask to the list...

1. is there any available bootrom image for this RTL8139,
different form the NE2000 module.. 
2. and if there is, can the 'image.flo' file, created by
anyone, be used to run my target, or should i generate it
with the NETBOOT tools (make bootrom, mknbi-linux, .. or
anything else)
3. if this 'image.flo' can be shared, created by anyone,
and so, i can use it.. can anyone tell me where i can find
it, or be sent to me..??

THANKS A LOT.. it's really very important to me any answer,
cause i'm really confused with this problem..

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