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New netboot version 0.9.3


today I released the new version 0.9.3 of netboot. It is a bug fix version
without any new features. However, one very serious bug, which has troubled
me for a long time now, has finally been fixed. It was a problem with a race
condition in the interrupt handling code of the bootrom network driver interface.
I therefore strongly encourage all users of any netboot-0.9.x version to upgrade!
Even if your bootrom works normally, you should upgrade, because this problem
can occur sporadically and only under certain circumstances.

Gero Kuhlmann                               eMail:
Groote Gracht 33        Tollenbrink 18      Tel. Hannover: 0511/6497525
26723 Emden             30659 Hannover      Tel. Emden:    04921/997561

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