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ERROR: Cannot write into high mem


The task is re-use our old PCs and make terminals out of them.
I've configured software suite including DHCPd, tftpd and
netboot-0.8.1 (under Red Hat 7.0) for booting diskless clients.
Everything work just fine on the server side.

So the problem is on client side, as I suppose.

Here I have wrote down the messages on the clients display:
......(Decompressing boot image)
......(Info about packet driver)
Boot-Rom V0.8.1, Copyright (C) 1995-1998 G. Kuhlmann

Local IP:
Server IP:
File name:/tftpboot/tester.boot

Block 1 Image 0: Start=10000, End=10200
Block 8 Image 2: Start=10400, End=20000
Block 137 ERROR: Cannot write into high mem
Insert boot disk and press a key

Configuration of the client:

PC/AT 80286
ROM-BIOS date 05/05/91
Base Memory 640 KB
Ext. memory 128 KB
no HDD
NE2000 compatible NIC

The DOS-boot-image was made of msdos.sys, io.sys and with
mknbi-dos utility.

If anyone knows how can I work it out, tell me, please.
Any advice will be appreciated.

Many thanks,
Arkady Shraer,
International Slavonic University (Kharkov, Ukraine)

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