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Re: two cards - howto boot ?

Hi Petr,

> in many cases order of cards is the same as sorted numbers of PCI slots.
> On-board cards have slot number > 10000, PCI slots number > 0 => PCI cards
> in slot precede onbord card.
> but if you have two card the same type and place bootrom on first or
> second, then the bootrom code will initialize the first card.

Yep. But if both cards have a ROM, they will both show up while booting.
The user must know, on which network the server is available, but the user
can just make a guess.

To overcome this try&error-methods, I want to ask the user once, whether to
boot LOCAL oder NETWORK, than the system should find out, on which of the 
two networks a server is alive .. any chance to get this running ?


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