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Re: NETGEAR FA310TX problems (lx problem in general?)


 I've seen this ethernet address several times before I started thinking
 about diskless machines, so this might be a problem that is not specific
 to diskless machines.

 Sometimes I have to work with WinDoof (95).  As soon as I reboot to get
 linux running, I get this ethernet address.

 I know two ways to solve this problem:
 - switch the machine off and on again and boot linux
 - first boot FreeBSD.  As soon as it shows the correct ethernet address
   reboot linux.
 Looks like the FreeBSD people already solved this problem.

 I hope this help a little.


On Mon, 19 Jun 2000, Dennis E. Arce wrote:

> Here is the output:
> Loading ROM image..
> ROM segment 0x8000 length 0x4000 reloc 0x9800
> Boot from (N)etwork or (L)ocal? N
> Etherboot/32 version 4.6.2 (GPL) for [Tulip]
> Found Netgear FA310 TX @ 0xF800, ROM address 0x000000000
> Probing...[Tulip] tulip_probe
> Tulip FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF @ ioaddr 0xF800
> tulip_reset
> . . .
> from there it goes to a endless cycle of reading and never boots up.
> Any help?  The FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF ethernet address is obviously wrong,

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