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NETGEAR FA310TX problems

Well, I've been reading these threads all morning, and I can't find out if the FA310TX driver is currently working.

The specifics are:

I'm trying to create an Etherboot disk to run a computer from my Linux
server.  I downloaded the most recent version of the etherboot package
from, version 4.6.2.

The NIC file specifies the lc82cl68 driver for my Netgear FA310TX nic.

I'm using the command "make bin32/lc82cl68.lzfd0" to build the floppy on
my Linux machine.  The build goes well, and the PC boots, but the unit
does not get an address from the server (there are other machines the do
get the address), nor does the server get a request (I looked in the log

Here is the output:

Loading ROM image..
ROM segment 0x8000 length 0x4000 reloc 0x9800
Boot from (N)etwork or (L)ocal? N
Etherboot/32 version 4.6.2 (GPL) for [Tulip]
Found Netgear FA310 TX @ 0xF800, ROM address 0x000000000
Probing...[Tulip] tulip_probe
Tulip FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF @ ioaddr 0xF800

. . .

from there it goes to a endless cycle of reading and never boots up.

Any help?  The FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF ethernet address is obviously wrong, and without delving too far into the chipset or the code, I'm hoping you can tell me that I'm doing something stupid like compiling it wrong.

Any help??  If it's not working, I just assume use a different NIC, any suggestions on a current cheap NIC that etherboot is supporting?

Thanks in advance

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