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Re: NETGEAR FA310TX problems


I'm using a pentium 200 MMX for this application.

A changed boguscnt = 1000000 (1 zero more); and 10000000 (two extra 0s) and
printf("boguscnt= %d", boguscnt);

after while and boguscnt was= 0 all three times.  Still no change in the

Also, I tried several other versions of netboot to no avail.


Marty Connor wrote:

> On 6/20/2000 7:58 AM Dennis E. Arce wrote:
> >I have the came Card, FA310TX REV-D2 with LC82169C on it.
> >Thanks.  Is there a netboot version you know works with it for the time
> >being?
> I don't know too much about netboot, but I'm sure someone else on the
> list will be able to help with that.
> I would be curious about your machine, however.  I mainly have P200s,
> which are slow compared to more modern machines.  I have a theory that
> there are residual timing loops based on (i=10000;i>0;i--) kind of stuff
> that may be causing problems on faster machines.  I will build a PIII 550
> machine to test this theory and to debug a bit better.
> I replaced most of that kind of loop with loops based on
> (timeout=currenttime() + 1*TICKS_PER_SECOND).  When looking at the code,
> it appears there are still some of the old "spin loops" in the logic for
> reading the MAC address on the LC82169C.  We could easily test this.
> Here's some of the code in question:
>   /* Hardware Address retrieval method for LC82C168 */
>   if (vendor == PCI_VENDOR_ID_LINKSYS && dev_id ==
>     for (i = 0; i < 3; i++) {
>       int value, boguscnt = 100000;
>       outl(0x600 | i, ioaddr + 0x98);
>       do
>         value = inl(ioaddr + CSR9);
>       while (value < 0  && --boguscnt > 0);
> notice that "boguscnt = 100000".  Just for testing, try adding a zero to
> make it 1000000, which would give more time for retrieval of the data.
> We should probably replace this logic with the timeout logic as I've done
> elsewhere, but this could help debug the situation.  Also, knowing the
> value of boguscnt after the loop might tell us if the loops is
> terminating before the data is retrieved.  We could also put some printf
> statements in to look at the data.  I'm betting on a timing bug, however.
> It will take me a little time to get back up to speed and to assemble my
> testing facility, but perhaps this "virtual debugging" will be of some
> help.
> Regards,
> Marty
> P.S. Any HAM Radio operators on the list? 73's
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