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Re: Who can give instructions on how to boot Win98 diskless??

I gleaned there was reference to the "RBoot" solution in an earlier thread
( on the netboot

See: for sketchy
info.  This page mentions only Win3.1, and WinNT, but elsewhere on their
site they do indicate RBoot works with Win98.

Apparently you will have to download (just shy of 1MB) to do a walk-thru for
full understanding.  If anyone does, please post a description.

As for the "PKWong" solution, the author is "Koon Wong", and he is
<apparently> still active in the Linux Router Project (maintains an archive
site, see:  You may have to hit
"Refresh" a couple of times for this site to come up (some kind of a problem
with timeouts???).  I tried to back-track from here to his homepage, but got
consistant timeouts then.

If you want to try to contact Koon Wong directly, see the message at:  I have posted a
request for the "Win98.txt" remote boot info to the LRP chat, and will post
it to the netboot list if I get a response.

R. Main

PS - MS claims Win98 "does not support booting diskless" (of course).

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From: Jack Liver
Sent: Monday, June 19, 2000 5:15 PM
Subject: Who can give instructions on how to boot Win98 diskless??

I found this message, but the site "" is
down since many days. Who can tell where to retrieve useful information on
how to boot win98 diskless.
I wanted to use a Linux server running BOOTPD/TFTPD, and the ETHERBOOT
package to make bootrom code.
I also started successfully making netboot MKNBI_DOS and _LINUX images. Now,
when it comes to the WIN98 image...
Any help and suggestions will be appreciated
Remote boot Windows 98

To: <>
Subject: Remote boot Windows 98
From: "p.k.wong" <>
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 20:41:09 +0500
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For those who are interested in remote boot MS Windows, this may not be a
bad news for the weekend :). I have just succeeded in remote booting Windows
98, including IE 4.01, completely diskless! (well, I meant it). I have also
documented the steps for which I have taken. This is the final version (so
far), after several tries.

Please take a look at

Yet there are some issues to be resolved, such as long file number support,
MSClient support,  please share any comment and advice, so that I can add
them to this document.


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