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Re: NETGEAR FA310TX problems


I have the came Card, FA310TX REV-D2 with LC82169C on it.

Thanks.  Is there a netboot version you know works with it for the time being?


Marty Connor wrote:

> On 6/19/2000 2:57 PM Dennis E. Arce wrote:
> >Well, I've been reading these threads all morning, and I can't find out
> >if the FA310TX driver is currently working.
> It used to.  I have been somewhat distracted by other priorities, and
> haven't been able to give time to debugging this, but I should be able to
> look at it soon.
> I have a working Netgear FA310TX REV-D2 card here.  What REV code does
> your card have?
> Also, my card has an LC82C169C chip on it.  Which controller chip does
> your card have?
> I need to build 4.6.2 to compare results with the version I have working
> here.  The problem could be in a number of places - the most likely being
> a mismatch between the driver and the card;  I suspect there might be a
> different chip on your FA310TX than mine;  it could also be a timing bug,
> since some cards need more time than others to reset and become ready to
> accept further commands. I'll have to look at the code to see what
> changes there might be.
> >The specifics are:
> >I'm trying to create an Etherboot disk to run a computer from my Linux
> >server.  I downloaded the most recent version of the etherboot package
> >from, version 4.6.2.
> >The NIC file specifies the lc82cl68 driver for my Netgear FA310TX nic.
> >I'm using the command "make bin32/lc82cl68.lzfd0" to build the floppy on
> >my Linux machine.  The build goes well, and the PC boots, but the unit
> >does not get an address from the server (there are other machines the do
> >get the address), nor does the server get a request (I looked in the log
> >file)
> Thanks for all of the detailed specific information. This will be of
> great help in isolating and debugging the problem.
> >Here is the output:
> >Loading ROM image..
> >ROM segment 0x8000 length 0x4000 reloc 0x9800
> >Boot from (N)etwork or (L)ocal? N
> >Etherboot/32 version 4.6.2 (GPL) for [Tulip]
> >Found Netgear FA310 TX @ 0xF800, ROM address 0x000000000
> >Probing...[Tulip] tulip_probe
> >Tulip FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF @ ioaddr 0xF800
> >tulip_reset
> It appears the logic to retrieve the MAC address is broken.  This is done
> early in the process, since the DCHP/Bootp broadcast must have this
> address in it so that card will know the reply is for it.
> >Any help??  If it's not working, I just assume use a different NIC, any
> >suggestions on a current cheap NIC that etherboot is supporting?
> You might have better success with an RTL8139 based card.  They are
> relatively inexpensive, and seem to work reasonably well (at least I
> haven't heard too many problems).  I appreciate your help in making the
> FA310TX card work, however, since they seem to be popular, and I enjoy
> supporting as many PCI based-cards as possible.
> >Thanks in advance
> Happy to help.
> Regards,
> Marty
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