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Etherboot 4.5.7 released

I have released Etherboot 4.5.7 at
(note new site, no longer at

Changes in this release:

+ Frank Mehnert spotted a bug in tulip.c where the sole transmit buffer
was not tagged as the last one in the chain.

+ Hacked serial.S to check if a serial interface is present and to disable
the routines if not, so that Etherboot does not hang on a machine without
a serial interface, even if the option has been compiled in.

+ Wrote mkromnbi for making a network bootable image from a ROM image
(for using Etherboot to test another Etherboot driver).

+ Krzysztof Halasa found a small bug in nfs.c in the handling of BOOTP
extension files.

+ Some instructions on adding Etherboot to a main BIOS were contributed
by Dirk von Suchodoletz.

+ Some commentary on cbrom.exe versions posted by Rapp Informatik Systeme
GmbH to the Netboot mailing list included.

MD5 sums:

8a47e062f7a762514013b3beeb41e52c  etherboot-4.5.7.tar.bz2
58529c8b130ead6aeec58ffbaf235a38  etherboot-4.5.7.tar.gz
80811c3d5d4a563412240b7cbdd53d5c  patch-4.5.7.gz
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