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Re: Delete the option -DT503_SHMEM in the Makefile

>I use the network card 3c503, and the makefile uses the option -DT503_SHMEM
>by default. And my card didn't work.
>However, the makefile contains the comment followed:
>   -DT503_SHMEM  - Use 3c503 shared memory mode (off by default)
>Indeed without the option -DT503_SHMEM, my card work !
>I think it's little anomaly in the makefile.

Hi Patrick,

I think T503_SHMEM will work if you jumper the NIC for a ROM address.
It's a little known fact of the NIC that the shared memory space is
adjacent to the ROM space. However since it will always work in Programmed
I/O mode, you are right that this option can be disabled in the Makefile.
I forgot to do it for 4.5.7 but it will be in the next release.  BTW,
the Linux driver will complain and recommend you use shared memory but
it will still work in PIO mode.
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