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Problem with the option -DANSIESC

Hi !

I use etherboot 4.5.6.

When i compile WITHOUT the option -DANSIESC, then msdos 6.22 netboot works fine,
FreeDos netboot again.
But when i compile WITH the option -DANSIESC, then msdos netboot stops
after the message "starting msdos..." (in french demarrage de MS-DOS 6.22).
FreeDos netboot work but scsi hard disk (c:) isn't detected.

I have the same problem with the option -DIMAGE_FREEBSD.
Indeed, if CFLAGS32 contains
msdos and freedos netboot doesn't work.
But if CFLAGS32 contains
then Etherboot work fine.

Finaly, i think there is a problem about detecting disks with these options.

  AUGE Patrick                                    
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