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Re: Please Help: Root-NFS: No NFS Server

Ken Yap wrote:

> >We have about 12 other linux machines on this network, and I can mount
> >/tftpboot/ from many others. /etc/exports reads as:
> >
> >/tftpboot/,no_root_squash) (DC)
> >/tftpboot/,no_root_squash)
> >
> >And yes, I'm positive that the DC kernel which gets xferd over via tftp was
> >compiled with the root-nfs, auto-configure, bootp, etc.. and all the other op
> >tions
> >which are necessary.
> >
> >The documentation says that in 2.2 kernels the default is /tftpboot/<domain>,
> > so my
> >tftpboot contains the root file system under the dir /tftpboot/
> >m
> Only if the hostname parameter is specified as such in bootptab or
> dhcpd.conf.

So even if I'm running a 2.2.x kernel and I make the boot image with:

mknbi -x -k zImage -o vmlinuz

I can use /tftpboot/<DC hostname> in /tftpboot and exports, as long as the IP of
the DC is mapped to a hostname in /etc/hosts on the server?

What about the AX, CX, DX repeating?

> I've always run DNS locally so I have hostnames in /etc/exports, I can't
> say if your /etc/exports will do the right thing. Perhaps others can
> comment. Are there any lines in the server log files, e.g. /var/log/secure
> that indicate attempts to mount?

Nothing. It seems to me that NFS is never even attempted.

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