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Re: Problem remote booting 3C905B Card from PROM

> I have programmed an etherboot PROM image with the etherboot 3c90x image
> for
> remote booting.
> I created a 65K image using the command:
>      (cat 3c90x.lzrom; perl -e 'print "\xFF" x 49152') >3ctop.65k
> I then used a PROM programmer to program an Atmel AT29C51212PC chip to work
> on
> my 3com cards.
> I can put the programmed PROM into a 3C905-TX NIC and it will work fine. 
> If I
> put the same PROM into
> a 3C905B-TX NIC and it will not see the ROM, even though I have set the
> computer's BIOS to boot from
> the NIC and have set the NIC configuration, using 3c90xcfg.exe, to enable
> the
> PROM with 65k setting.

This is probably because you need to make the ROM image with the
3C905B-TX vendor and device IDs, not the 3C905-TX ones. These IDs
do matter for the ROM, even if floppy boot works with the wrong ones.

You may still have a problem with the MII, I can't comment on that.

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