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Boot from floppy if present , final

Without any feedback on my previous request I did some coding myself

Quick and dirty: just added some lines of code , no compile/makefile
Having only some newbie turboC 3.1 for DOS skills,  just happy I got it

(I want to be able to boot an unattended DOS system from a local flop, while
it normally NETBOOTs)

I adapted etherboot-4.4.5. source
in start32.S I made the function definitions of
disk_init    and      disk_read

In main.c I added some lines: (lines starting with+)


+ /* following lines only for testing ROM image on flop
 + while( getchar() !=0x20)
+    printf("hit space bar to continue");
+ end test mode  */

+while (retries-- )
+{ printf(".");
+  if ( disk_read(0,0,0,0,((char *)0x7C00))  != 0x8000 )
+     {printf("\nBoot from diskette\n"); exit(0);}
+printf("\nNo floppy found , booting from ROM\n");


Suggestions for better implementation welcome


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