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Re: Bad eth_pio_write in ns8390.c

>At line 880 in ns8390.c, I think the call 
>	eth_pio_write(test, 8192, sizeof(test));
>should be
>	eth_pio_write(8192, test, sizeof(test));
>Otherwise my RTL-8029 hangs while being probed.
>Line 892 seems to have same error but doesn't seem to be reached
>with my card.
>I sent this information via the ww link to report successes & failures
>but the new version 4.4.5 still contains the errors.

As I replied to you the first time, I do not believe this is an error. For
one thing, if you make the change, the call doesn't match the function
prototype, neither does it match a similar call a few lines further down
where it attempts to detect internal memory at 16k. More likely there is
something about your card that needs special handling.  Seeing that the
NE2000 driver works fine on most NE2000 cards, I would need an explanation
of what your proposed change really means in technical terms before I
risk breaking the driver for other NE2000 clones. My guess is that your
clone doesn't have 8kB internal memory or that test fails to detect it
and your clone needs special handling in the driver.
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