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Re: FreeBSD build

Robert Williams writes:
| >> File to patch:
| So Doug (pal, buddy, sir) if your listening/reading what do I need to do to
| fix this :-)

Sorry got swamped, off-line etc.  It shouldn't ask you anything.  I think
I know what the problem is.  We used to have a bunch of patches, make
sure you only have the following.  If you did the unpack without
removing the prior etherboot stuff you would have extra files laying around.

 770z% cksum /usr/ports/net/etherboot/patches/*
 3013150115 512 /usr/ports/net/etherboot/patches/CVS
 4219144956 1878 /usr/ports/net/etherboot/patches/patch-aa
 3193647706 541 /usr/ports/net/etherboot/patches/patch-ab

Ignore the CVS directory, you don't need it.  You should only have 2 patch
files.  They just enable the FreeBSD build and make it use a later version
of gas that FreeBSD doesn't use yet.

If you still have a problem send it to  I only
poll the netboot list occasionaly.

Doug A.
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