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Re: com rides again

>> On Sat, 11 Mar 2000 18:06:03 +1100, Ken Yap <> said:

K> For who need to boot Etherboot from a .com file, e.g. from Syslinux or
K> Disk on Chip, I whipped up a quick header program. Extract the following
K> tar file in etherboot-4.4.4/, then you can say make

K> Let me know how it goes. This will be in 4.4.5.

It seems that if the size of .com file is larger than 32K,
which happens if the size of .rom file is just 32K, 
pxelinux.bin ( included in syslinux ) cannot execute it.

Results for

-DMOTD -DIMAGE_MENU -DELF_IMAGE / size of .rom / pxelinux.bin / FreeDOS
 yes    yes          yes          32K            Not work       Work
 yes    yes          no           16K            Work           Work
 no     no           yes          16K            Work           Work
 no     no           no           16K            Work           Work

In `Not work' case, it shows 

ROM segment 0x8000 length 0x8000

and no more message is shown.

By the way, I made a page about   
`Boot Linux, FreeBSD, FreeDOS from PXE (Preboot Execution Environment)'.

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