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Re: FreeBSD build

Hi Klaus,

At 08:38 14/03/00 +0100, you wrote:
>No.  I just verified that GNU make 3.78.1 works perfectly for Etherboot.
>I installed it and it just worked. And the source code doesn't even contain
>the word "Missing" except in the .info files.  So we're back to the square
>one: you are NOT using GNU make for whatever reason.  Another hint is the
>message format: GNU make uses something like
>Makefile:1: *** some error message
>No quotes, no comma and three stars.  To nail it down furter, I just did a
>"strings /usr/bin/pmake" (which is BSD make on Linux) - and guess what?  It
>contains exactly the messages you got.

I've sorted out the gmake problem thanks for the help.

now if I can just get the other worms back in the can ...... :-)

Catchya Layta


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