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Re: Client hardware.

>What is the limiting factor for the client. ( Running linux and X ) Guess
>when running only one client it will be the 10 mbit network that is the
>limiting factor.  
>But can a 386 - 4 mb ram do as a client ???

Yes, but you won't be able to do much more than use it in text mode.
Forget X, you need at least 12 MB for that. Probably a top end 486
with a VLB is the least I will consider for an X-terminal but if your
expectations are lower; 640x480 VGA X server supporting a few xterms¸
maybe you can get by with a 386. It's not hard to find junked 486
motherboards, but the SIMMs may be harder to find.

>When will the network become the limiting factor for using the client. ??

In terms of what? Speed? NFS will slow the loading of files but it will
be faster the next time due to caching by Linux. Unless you are trying
to stream video over the network you are unlikely to be able to saturate
a 10 Mb link.

>Well have anyone any practical experience with outdated computers ??

I use it to boot a 286 that runs my PROM burner (ironically). It runs
DR-DOS. An 486 with 16 MB drives my tape backup and CD-R burner (there
is a local disk for holding the ISO image, but I don't boot from it).
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