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Re: Client hardware.

On Fri, Mar 10, 2000 at 09:22:05AM +1100, Ken Yap wrote:
> >What is the limiting factor for the client. ( Running linux and X ) Guess
> >when running only one client it will be the 10 mbit network that is the
> >limiting factor.  
> In terms of what? Speed? NFS will slow the loading of files but it will
> be faster the next time due to caching by Linux. Unless you are trying
> to stream video over the network you are unlikely to be able to saturate
> a 10 Mb link.
  At least with Linux NFS. We've got a 100-switched network with 11 diskless
clients that never manages to get NFS over 3Mbit. It's still VERY useable
though.  The only time it becomes noticable is when all the kiddies start up
Netscape or The Gimp at the same time.
  - Nick Lopez
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