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Re: Client hardware.

> What are you trying to set up?

A few clients (3-4) on a rather busy 10 mbit ethernet.
The client maschines i allready got is 486/25SX/DX/33SX/DX. They should
only be used for internetsurfing via netscape, mail via pine, word
processing via StarOffice. All running as diskless clients from one server.
AMD 350 128mb ram. And i am trying to figure out wether the people who are
going to use this will be stuck in a giant bottleneck somewhere, or this
will be acceptable clients for that use ??

> how outdated?  I have been using 486's and older pentioums for my systems from servers to 
> workstations.

All of them running linux. Guess i can get them all up at 16 mb ram. And i
know that they all not should be running staroffice at the same time.
Should there bee any trouble i this ???

Jesper Krogh
Student at DTU Denmark.
Because I want a workstation, not a playstation !!
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