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Re: Floppyboot Image on DiskOnChip?

>I figure I should be able to use a DiskOnChip module just like any other
>disk, i.e. use rawrite to write a floppy boot image (etherboot or netboot)
>to the chip and boot off it? Any experience? The DOC docs suggest to just
>use the DOS sys command to make a DOC module bootable, and rawrite should
>be doing something similar, not? Any luck with M-Sys about this topic?
>Doug Ambrisko wrote earlier that he just stuck 1M flash ROMs into the DOC
>socket - is it standard that all bus addresses are available at the socket? 
>Cc: to, he seems to have done something like this about a year
>ago. I'm especially interested in using the DOC socket on the Advantech
>POS-562 board. 

I don't have the DOC but from what I have gathered from other postings
and some investigations by Markus there are 2 hurdles:

1. The DOC looks like a HD, not a FD, so floppyboot.bin won't work. You'd
have to find or write a HD boot loader. There is a contributed one in
the Etherboot distribution, but I have no experience or reports with it.

2. The DOC uses memory in the 0x9xxx segment for handlers so you would
have to get your HD boot loader to load the Etherboot image somewhere
else, then you can let it relocate itself to the 0x9xxx segment once
the DOC handlers are no longer needed.

Good luck.
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