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Floppyboot Image on DiskOnChip?


I figure I should be able to use a DiskOnChip module just like any other
disk, i.e. use rawrite to write a floppy boot image (etherboot or netboot)
to the chip and boot off it? Any experience? The DOC docs suggest to just
use the DOS sys command to make a DOC module bootable, and rawrite should
be doing something similar, not? Any luck with M-Sys about this topic?

Doug Ambrisko wrote earlier that he just stuck 1M flash ROMs into the DOC
socket - is it standard that all bus addresses are available at the socket? 

Cc: to, he seems to have done something like this about a year
ago. I'm especially interested in using the DOC socket on the Advantech
POS-562 board. 

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