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Re: More ammunition ... was Re: Making a floppy fails?

>Loading /usr/tftpboot/kernel.s.1... Loading /usr/tftpboot/kernel.s.1... Loadi
>ng /usr/tftpboot/kernel.s.1... Loading /usr/tftpboot/kernel.s.1... Loading /u
>sr/tftpboot/kernel.s.1... Loading /usr/tftpboot/kernel.s.1... Loading /usr/tf
>tpboot/kernel.s.1... <sleep>  

What about tftp permissions on the file? Is it world readable? Have
you allowed tftpd access to the directory /usr/tftpboot on the command
line in inetd.conf? The default is /tftpboot I believe. If you look at
/var/log/secure you may find discover why tftpd can't access the file.
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