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Questions on flashing ethernet into AWARD BIOS

Hi, there,

I am very interested in flashing the etherboot code into the AWARD BIOS
chip on a GIGABYTE mainboard. But as I can learn from the previous
discussions, there is a question of local boot, because the BIOS runs
etherboot code immediately after itself without trying floppy or HDD first.
In this case, I might have to take a risk of un-bootable if errors happened
in etherboot codes building. How can I avoid this risk?

Another question is about the cheap RealTek RTL8139 chip based NIC. What is
the clone of the RTL8139, or which driver should be used for it in linux
kernel? And how about the performance of RTL8139 compared with other 
100Mbps cards on linux?

Thank you in advance.


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