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Re: Questions on flashing ethernet into AWARD BIOS

Yu Fu <> wrote:

> I am very interested in flashing the etherboot code into the AWARD BIOS
> chip on a GIGABYTE mainboard. But as I can learn from the previous

Does anyone have experience adding the etherboot or netboot image to a
Asus NLX board (P2{N,L,E}-N, MES-N models) Award BIOS? We're about to sell
a number of diskless thin clients to customers, and the boards have no
EEPROM socket.  Which is the right driver for Intel 82258/9 for etherboot
resp. netboot?  For etherboot it seems to be the eepro driver. Netboot -> or any other driver from ?

Alternatively, what maximum EEPROM size can most RTL8139 cards accomodate?
More than 8 K like old NE2K's I hope. I have 2 such cards but the ROM
socket isn't documented...)


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