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Re: vmware & Etherboot

Ken Yap writes:
| >Sounds, good but maybe we can make code changes to help them along until
| >it gets fixed.  I also tried using netboot & the AMD packet driver and
| >no packets were sent out so it's not just Etherboot.  Then I tried to 
| >boot DOS and the use the packet driver with the WATTCP stack and BOOTP 
| >worked just fine.  Maybe the require some kind of system initialization
| >before using the ethernet?  I also use FreeDOS, AMD packet driver & WATTCP
| >stack and it worked.
| Well it may not be just Etherboot but I think the code in Etherboot
| has bugs. The AMD Lance uses DMA to transfer data and I'm sure I didn't
| understand it correctly when I wrote the driver, so it doesn't always
| work. I'd focus on why the DMA channel detection doesn't work.  The Lance
| is a nice controller though. Right up there with the Tulip and the 3Coms
| in what I regard as good designs.

My first guess was a DMA issue.  It doesn't seem to be probing the 
DMA correctly since it always uses the first one in the list (or last 
one ... I forget).  I'll look at that some more.  However, something is 
strange when netboot with the AMD packet driver doesn't work.

| Does VMWare allow you to single step code? It might be a great debugging
| tool if it does.

Not that I now of.  It would be nice if it could.

Doug A.
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