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Etherboot 4.2.12 released

I have released Etherboot 4.2.12 at

New in this release:

+ New Tulip driver by Marty Connor that handles Macronix 98715 and
Linksys LNE100TX. And probably other Tulip based NICs too, please test.

+ Fix by Matt Hortman for EEPRO100 PCI latency too low problem.

+ Prefer RFC1533_GATEWAY to giaddr for routing tftp packets.

+ Massive code cleanup. Small reduction in footprint.


e58f56c76421e61eca1c2f8a7d43ae3e  etherboot-4.2.12.tar.bz2
c6635cbe5befce7c9ae23b3434a9aa55  etherboot-4.2.12.tar.gz
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