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Re: Still RTL8139 Problems (combination with ps2 mouses)

>       I tried the new 4.2.11 version of the etherboot code, but I didnt
>succeeded with the code for the rtl8139 chipset: If I boot the code with 
>ps2-mouse connected, it gets its dhcp/bootp information correctly, then
>the information: "getting bootfile" is printed, but then only "<sleep>"
>appears on the monitor :-( I tested it with two different types of cards:
>Longshine and LanTech ...
>With a normal serial mouse everything works fine.
>Ony suggestions/ideas ? What could I do?

>Try this experiment:
>Leave the PS/2 mouse connected but tell the BIOS there is no mouse. If
>you can.  See if it shows the problem.

In all cases I use a newer AWARD bios (4.51), there is no chance to
disable the mouse...

>This experiment to see if the BIOS is doing something special in the
>presence of a mouse. I suspect it's loading some code or data at the
>top of 640k, which would upset Etherboot's stack.

I'm still a little confused, how the improvement came from out of version
4.2.9 to 4.2.10 and why it isn't able to tftp ...

>It may be possible to tell the BIOS there is no PS/2 mouse and have Linux
>still use the mouse because Linux uses it's own detection method. I
>think the mouse is used in the BIOS setup menus, but you can navigate
>those menus just as easily with cursor keys.

Awards bios is textonly, so I would say the bios shouldnt need the mouse
for startup.

Thanks, I will order serial mouses at the moment :-))


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