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Re: Still RTL8139 Problems (combination with ps2 mouses)

>	I tried the new 4.2.11 version of the etherboot code, but I didnt
>succeeded with the code for the rtl8139 chipset: If I boot the code with a
>ps2-mouse connected, it gets its dhcp/bootp information correctly, then
>the information: "getting bootfile" is printed, but then only "<sleep>"
>appears on the monitor :-( I tested it with two different types of cards:
>Longshine and LanTech ...
>With a normal serial mouse everything works fine.
>Ony suggestions/ideas ? What could I do?

Try this experiment:

Leave the PS/2 mouse connected but tell the BIOS there is no mouse. If
you can.  See if it shows the problem.

This experiment to see if the BIOS is doing something special in the
presence of a mouse. I suspect it's loading some code or data at the
top of 640k, which would upset Etherboot's stack.

It may be possible to tell the BIOS there is no PS/2 mouse and have Linux
still use the mouse because Linux uses it's own detection method. I
think the mouse is used in the BIOS setup menus, but you can navigate
those menus just as easily with cursor keys.
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