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ntulip-0.75b3 released

I'm releasing another version of the beta Etherboot tulip driver, ntulip. 
It should now support all the cards the old driver did, plus some PCI 
10/100 tulip clone cards such as MX987x5 based cards (Sohoware, NDALan) 
and LC82C115 based cards (Lite-ON, Linksys).   I also update the Thinguin 
Hardware database with info on 2 tulip clone cards.

Source and instructions are available on .  

I added support for the LNE100TX card to b3 of the new tulip Etherboot 
driver, and although it works via floppyload, I cannot get a ROM to be 
recognized on the LNE100TX v2.0 card, it may in fact work with v1.0 
Linksys cards and with other PNIC-II based cards, such as the LITE-ON 
PNIC-II card, which seems to have the same PCI codes as the Linksys.

If you have tulip clone cards, please try it out. The code was developed 
for etherboot-4.2.11, and consists of two new files, and small changes to 
3 other files. Once the code is in the source tree, I'll send patches 
rather than entire files. It's easy to patch by hand, however.



   Name: Martin D. Connor
US Mail: Entity Cyber, Inc.; P.O. Box 391827; Cambridge, MA 02139; USA
  Voice: (617) 491-6935, Fax: (617) 491-7046 

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