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Re: flashing award bios on Asus mes-n

> Hello,  Bad News
> It is told that AWARD has a compiling switch . Only if this is set  included
> ROM Extensions will be recognuized.

Thats why only the newer boards (newer bioses) worked, which I tested.
Does anybody tried to compare the bios after manipulating with hex
listing? Dont know where exactly the changes happen ...

> They also told that the new cbrom will produce a message if this switch is not
> set.  On my runs of cbrom  there is
> no  errormessage or warning  about this.  So at the moment I don't know what
> eeactly happens.
> They  told  me  we  need a  updated  BIOS  version with  this  switch set  so
> the patches will be recognized.
>  Where to get something like this.?  What is  It sreems these

Unicore seems to me the enterprise which produces the ROM-Chips which you
can order for replacement of the old ones (or broken ones).

Does anybody heard something from AMI? They should have the same problem
too :-)) (that somebody asks to change bios features) ...

So long,

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