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Re: Netboot: kernel panic init not found

Arno Schuring wrote:

> I have three additional options you might want to try:
> If /bin/ash is dynamically linked, you may also want to check that it can
> find the correct /lib/ file. Check with 'readelf -l /bin/ash' and
> look for the line "Requesting program interpreter: /path/to/"
> Yan can also try adding a '/' before disklessrc, I'm not sure if the kernel
> assumes a working dir of '/'.
> The kernel assumes /sbin/init if no init= option is specified. You can
> symlink /sbin/init to /bin/sh, for example, to find out whether or not it is
> indeed not receiving the command line options (assuming you know how to
> modify the initrd file).

Found the problem you describe a short while ago - the 
redhat-config-netboot program as shipped by Redhat produces a completely 
bogus initrd for the kernel.

Problems include missing libraries (which cause ash not to run, which in 
turn causes kernel panic init not found), and broken kernel module 
configs (the nfs module won't load, as it depends on lockd, which 
depends on sunrpc, which won't load). Still struggling on to get it working.

I don't think Redhat have made any attempt to get redhat-config-netboot 
to work at all, which is a shame, as the functionality is really useful.


The full bug report is here:


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