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Re: Netboot: kernel panic init not found

Hello Graham!

> All goes well until the client boots up, loading the root filesystem
> from an initrd. The client then says "Kernel panic: no init found".
> According to the config on the server, the following command line is
> being given to the kernel:
> initrd=Fedora_Core_2/initrd.img root=/dev/ram0 init=disklessrc
> ramdisk_size=10000 ETHERNET=eth0 SNAPSHOT=violet
> Unfortunately there does not seem to be a way of telling the kernel to
> print out the command line (that I am aware of), so whether the kernel
> is actually receiving the above command line is a mystery.

My 0.02:
If no options were specified, I would expect the kernel to halt with "panic:
no root filesystem found". Since that is not the case, I would assume that
at least the initrd= option did reach the kernel.

> I have confirmed that a file called "disklessrc" (an ash script, yes ash
> is installed on the initrd) is installed in the root of the initrd. The
> kernel does not agree though.

I have three additional options you might want to try:

If /bin/ash is dynamically linked, you may also want to check that it can
find the correct /lib/ file. Check with 'readelf -l /bin/ash' and
look for the line "Requesting program interpreter: /path/to/"

Yan can also try adding a '/' before disklessrc, I'm not sure if the kernel
assumes a working dir of '/'.

The kernel assumes /sbin/init if no init= option is specified. You can
symlink /sbin/init to /bin/sh, for example, to find out whether or not it is
indeed not receiving the command line options (assuming you know how to
modify the initrd file).

Hope this will help,

Arno Schuring
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