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Re: Bootsplash and NBI?

> Hi,
> I need to add a bootsplash to a kernel/initrd bootet as an NBI - but how
> do
> I do that? Add the splash image to the initrd using "splash" and then
> run mknbi? Anything else to watch? Set the kernel to a fixed vga mode,
> like
> 771?
> TIA!

Generally speaking, do the same as you would do with lilo or grub, except
running "lilo" do "mknbi".
Explanation (I hope I got this correctly):
The (bootsplash-enabled) kernel expects the splash screen to be appended
to the initrd. In RAM, that is. So no matter wether lilo or
netboot/etherboot load it there - main thing it ends up in RAM.
Probably setting a fixed VGA mode is a good idea too. You should select
the appropriate boot splash files.

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